Over the Counter Meds by Jan. 3

Father Francis Mayinja | Wambale

OCMs – by January 3, 2018

NEEDED – Over the Counter Medicine!

There is a high need for over the counter medicines (OCMs) at Fr. Francis’s medical clinics in Uganda.
And, doctors are welcome to include any other item, too.

Please Contact us to coordinate the delivery of your contribution:

Jim Hepp [jim@blackfox.com]
Frank Pratte [fnmpratte@gmail.com]
Dwight Hanson [dwighthanson@hotmail.com]

Pills only, please – no liquids:

Acetamenophen pain relief (e.g. Tylenol)
Acetamenophen headached relief (e.g. Tylenol with caffeine)
Cetrizine 2nd gen antihistamine (e.g., Zyrtec)
Omeprazole anti-acid (e.g., Prilosec)
Calcium lactate supplement
Gualfenesin mucus relief (e.g. Mucinex)
Loratadine 2nd gen antihistamine (e.g., Claritin)
Bismuth subsalicylate anti-acid (e.g. Pepto-Bismol, pink bismuth)
Diphenhydramine 1st gen antihistamine (e.g. Benedryl)
Ibuprophen NSAID (e.g. Advil)
Ranitidine anti-acid (eg. Zantac)
Loperamide anti-diarrheal (e.g. Imodium)

Please feel free to add other OCM meds but remember, No Liquids, Please!
For more information about donating to Fr Francis in Uganda, see his “Wish List” or “Donate Here“.