A Visit With Fr. Francis

The new assignment to Bulo, Uganda brings with it many challenges. Educating the children remains the primary focus of the Parish.

In order for the children to even begin to consider attending school, there has to be an obvious desire instilled within them to do so. For so many children, education is not looked upon as a benefit, since basic responsibilities of being part of a family and village demand their time, effort and attention first. Children are called upon to contribute in the planting, harvest, cooking and associated chores long before they can entertain the idea of learning how to read and write.

They need to become aware that an education, cleaner habitation, and new life-skills can bring them out of the poverty and redundant cycle of poor options, choices or conditions that have become commonplace.

Therefore, alleviating the distractions and responsibilities of “life as usual”, becomes the avenue to provide them with new opportunities and skills that will eventually bring about the change and improvement in their current living conditions.

So providing the incentive to attend school means also to provide the children with healthy meals, a bed, clean water and medical attention. Once the children are enthralled with the new conditions and learn there is a possibility of improving their lives, they naturally pass their desire for the lifestyle changes to their parents and relatives. And that’s when remarkable growth occurs.